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Our Product

EpicPepper™ makes recipe content management fast and easy. We've mashed together the functionality of a best-in-class relational database with all the mobile-social technology that enables sharing, virality and user-generated content.

Business Case

People are on the web, in search of great recipes—at home, on the go, and in the store. In fact, 55%* of U.S. households have used recipes from the internet in the past year.

Recipe search has revolutionized the way food brands connect with consumers and differentiate themselves on the shelves. Recipe content that's searchable, shareable and mobile has become essential to helping consumers discover your brand's value. Great recipe content has proven to help differentiate from competitors and private labels, keep consumers loyal and foster brand advocacy.

Building a recipe platform from scratch is time intensive and expensive. The EpicPepper™ white label solution allows you to create, manage and distribute recipe content across multiple brands, so you can connect with people and also tap into the food conversation that's happening all over the web.

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*Consumers Turning to Smartphone Apps and Social Media For Grocery Shopping and Food Preparation, Reports NPD – NPD